Red X Green Freestyle

gxxd mxrning KBC radio here wid nu music by Whole Lotta Plays & Even King & byyrd! 💪🏽🔊

V Town’s phantom and self proclaimed night watch returns from his off-radar crime fighting to

deliver a freestyle that wasn’t only unexpected, but also seen as a heavy statement in and from V Town’s underground. Line after line, the masked vigilante (not a villain) speaks upon everything from the K BLVCK CLAN, to principles, music, relations and what has been going on in the process of his absence. Similar to the track, a visual has been released shortly after, in which one can get the full picture of the dystopian, the Gotham-like city, in which byyrd finds himself flocking around.

“Red x Green Freestyle“ seems like the beginning of something.. Out on byyrd’s birthday, April 1st 2020.

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